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Insurance and the Cost of Automated 3D Ultrasound Diagnostic Screening

(Cash Discounts, HSA Coverage, Payment Plans)

Do most insurance companies pay the cost like they do Mammograms?

At this moment in time many carriers in the Fort Wayne area do not cover the full cost. As they do not cover some of the more advanced Tomography and MRI tests for breast cancer. In some cases advanced testing may not be covered at all (Classify tests as elective). We are presently working with several insurance companies emphasizing the importance of covering advanced diagnostic breast cancer testing, especially for women at a higher risk.

Do you accept Health Savings Accounts?

Yes, absolutely. At our cash discount price.

Why is Automated 3D Breast Ultrasound more expensive that Mammography?

3D Ultrasound testing is more advanced than Mammography. It is actually more like an MRI than mammogram as it creates 800 thin image slices (2mm) of the entire breast. 3D Ultrasound scans a wider area... from the nipple into the chest wall and when indicated the surrounding tissues that may include abnormal lymph nodes and more (Not possible with Mammography). Final analysis, 3D Ultrasound covers a significantly wider area and does it in high resolution 3D images with more clarity and precision than mammography.

What are the most important differences between 3D Breast Imaging and Mammography?

First, higher cancer diagnostic sensitivity. For women that do not have dense breasts (only 50% of women fall in this category) mammography identifies between 78% and 85% of cancers. 3D Breast Ultrasound's diagnostic sensitivity in the same group of women is between 90% and 95%. Second is coverage area and third is precision (locates the exact point of potential cancer cells.) There are other advantages too.

What about women who have dense breasts or other risk factors?

Fifty percent (50%) of women have dense breasts. Clinical research in Australia, New Zealand, Seattle, Washington and multiple California studies indicate Mammography's diagnostic sensitivity for women with dense breasts, scar tissue or implants are less than 38%. That means 62% of cancers are MISSED!. 3D Breast Ultrasound identifies 90% of cancers even in women with these risk factors.

What does an Automated 3D Breast Ultrasound cost?

Our standard price is $399 for both the 3D Ultrasound scan and the Board Certified Radiologist's report. We also have a payment plan by credit card of three installments..

Feel free to call and talk to us about current pricing,or if you need to make special arrangements.

Are there other arrangements?

We will be happy to discuss other arrangements on a one on one basis. Call our office and arrange a meeting with our staff.

I have more questions. Can I talk to someone about my situation?

Please call and talk to our staff. We are happy to discuss the situation over the phone, or you may come to our office and meet with us. There is no cost or obligation associated with this discussion.

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