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Stop Smoking The campaign to reduce smoking is working. Lung and Respiratory cancer is on the decline. But there is still room for improvement. If you smoke the sooner you stop the faster your body will heal... greatly reducing your risk for cancer

Lose Weight It was just announced (11/15) by the CDC that 38% of Americans are obese, the highest level ever. If your in that category it may be time to change your eating habits, cut the carbs, smaller portions and eat healthy. Not only will you reduce your cancer risk you will feel better too!

Healthy Lifestyle Choices Are you a couch potato? Get up and get moving. Walking, swimming or any exercising you enjoy will improve your attitude and your ability to fight cancer. No need to join an expensive club or prep for a marathon just a walk around the block a few times per week will do the trick for most. Routine exercise will improve circulation, strengthen your heart and add a little muscle tone your body.

Avoid Excessive Use of Alcohol Some research indicates if you drink more than a glass of wine or beer daily or regularly use hard liquor you increase your risk of breast cancer by 8% to 10%.

Remember Your Sun Screen If you must be outside in the midday sun use plenty of sun screen, wear sunglasses and cover yourself to protect from ultraviolet rays that damage the skin.

Don't Forget Your Checkups Don't let a little cough or a unusual lump linger on. Get an annual checkup. And for healthy women follow the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Screening Guild lines. If you are at higher risk seek more frequent cancer screenings and talk to your doctor about what is best for you.