Next Gen Breast Imaging

Radiation Free Automated 3-D Ultrasound Breast Cancer Screening

Next Gen Breast Imaging Diagnostic Sensitivity

Next Gen is the first to provide state-of-the-art ultrasonic breast imaging in Northern Indiana. Our fully equipped center provides an additional level of diagnostic imaging to catch breast cancer at the earliest stage of development. Our automated 3-D ultrasound imaging system produces 800 image frames (slices, much like an MRI only faster & without contorted body positioning)from start to finish in less than 15 minutes. The automated ultrasound scan produces a high resolution digital image of the breast with more clarity for patients with dense breasts, scar tissue or implants. In addition, because it is a three dimensional image, it can be manipulated (by layer, section, rotation and magnification) by the Radiologist for an even better look of problematic areas. A significant diagnostic advantage especially for high risk patients.

Next Gen Offers Higher Detection Rates than Mammograms Alone

Mammography alone has been the "standard" for breast cancer screening for decades

Maybe it is time to look at a new, more sensitive Cancer Screening Methodology

Especially for women with dense breasts or other breast cancer risk factors... 3-D Ultrasound from Next Gen Breast Imaging offers a much higher detection rate of cancer.

Our High Resolution 3-D Ultrasound Imaging Detects Hard to Find Cancers!

3D Ultrasound's Higher Diagnostic Sensitivity

Fully Automated Breast Cancer Screening

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