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Cancer remains one of the leading causes of premature death among adults in the US. Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer lead the way as the most common invasive cancers found in adults, but there is good news in the fight against cancer…

Adult Cancer Diagnosis by Type

Cancer Diagnosis in the US

… with more opportunities for early detection and breakthroughs in treatment, survival rates have dramatically increased. Today many cancers’ that are detected and treated at Stage I and even at early Stage II have a 5 year survival rate of well over 90%. Just a few short years ago the survivor rates for stage II were less than 50%, and two decades ago many of the now very treatable cancers were a death sentence.

Is a Leading Cause of Death Among Women

Cause of Death in Women by Age

Cause of Death in Women by Age

Next Gen is committed to provide women with the most effective diagnostic services available in Fort Wayne. Our 3-D Ultrasound System provides the highest level of sensitivity for the detection and evaluation of possible cancer tissue. Our 3-D ultrasound can detect a tissue mass as small as 2mm and allow the radiologist to see the inside and exterior wall of a cyst or tumor (mammography cannot). Ultrasound and MRI imaging are the only technologies that provides a high definition view of breast's with high density, implants and scar tissue. Our 3 D Ultrasound technology opens cysts, fibrous tissues and tumors for a clear evaluation just not available from mammograms or x-rays. Learn more about the technological advantage here.

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One in Eight Women will Suffer from Breast Cancer