Next Gen Breast Imaging


 Is Automated 3-D Ultrasound safe?

Yes, very safe. Unlike a mammogram or an MRI with contrast an ultrasound uses no radiation or harmful drugs or chemicals to get a clear high resolution diagnostic images. There are no known side effects or other adverse reactions to ultrasound screening.

 Does it require breast compression, squeezing or pain?

No. With the Next Gen system you are laying in a prone position with your breast centered over the receiver. Most of our patients tell us it was a very comfortable process.

 How long does the process take to scan both breasts?

Typical appointments from start to finish takes less than 20 minutes.

 Who reads the scan and writes the report?

Our 3-D Ultrasounds are read by experienced radiologists who also write the report. We use only Board Certified Radiologists who have experience with 3-D Ultrasound. From time to time or in special situations we also use radiologists who specialize in breast cancers diagnosis.

 Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most insurance plans. But it is a good idea to check with your health insurance provider to make sure you do not need prior authorization. If your plan does not provide coverage we have a generous cash discount and payment plans available


 What if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Ultrasound uses no radiation, it is safe for both the mother and baby.

 What about breast implants. Does that present a problem?

Next Gen 3-D Ultrasound is the ideal breast cancer screening tool for women with breast implants. Ultrasound has no problems differentiating between normal tissue, abnormal tissue and your implant.

 I have dense breasts. Does 3-D Ultrasound provide better breast cancer screening for me?

Women with dense breasts have a serious problem with diagnostic sensitivity with mammography (catches only 34% of cancers). 3-D Ultrasound has 90% cancer detection sensitivity for women even with very dense breasts.

 What are the major benefits for using Next Gen Breast Imaging?

Women of all ages, but especially women with an elevated risk of breast cancer benefit from the increased clarity and diagnostic sensitivity offered by Automated 3-D Ultrasound Breast Imaging. We are happy to discuss your situation at length. Please give us a call or send us an email soon.

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