Next Gen Breast Imaging

3-D Ultrasound Provides
More Comprehensive Cancer Screening

Next Gen is the first and only imaging center to provide state-of-the-art 3-D Ultrasound breast imaging in Northern Indiana. Considered by some experts as "game changing" technology in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Major advances in ultrasound technology along with a revolutionary scanning receiver allows gravity to hold the breast in position during the 60 second scan of the entire breast. One of the benefits of the system is that it will scan the breast from the nipple all the way to the chest wall, something mammography and even some MRI's cannot do. A more complete scan of the entire breast and surrounding tissue makes the Next Gen system the best breast cancer screening option available in Fort Wayne, or any place else in Indiana.

Our fully equipped center provides an additional level of diagnostic imaging that can catch breast cancer in its earliest stage. Early detection significantly improves your chances of stopping breast cancer before it becomes invasive. We have the latest Hitachi Aloka SOFIA diagnostic equipment. Our commitment is to give you a diagnostic edge for early cancer detection today and into the future.

Compare 2-D and 3-D Imaging

2 & 3-D Mammogram 2-D Ultrasound 3-D Next Gen Ultrasound
X-Ray Exposure Safe-No Radiation Safe-No Radiation
Operator Dependent Accuracy Operator Dependent Accuracy Fully Automated - No Areas Missed!
Painful- May Cause Compression Injury May Cause Compression Injury No Pain - No Compression
No Image Manipulation - Not Reproducable No Image Manipulation - Not Reproducable Full Image Manipulation - Totally Reproducable
Screening Time 30 to 40 Minutes Screening Time 45 to 60 Minutes Screening Time 20 Minutes or Less!
Breast Tissue Only - No Chest Wall Nipple to Chest Wall Coverage Comprehensive, Nipple to Chest Wall Coverage
Image Layers 1 Image Layers 1 Image Layers 800 2mm Slices

No Harmful Radiation Used in Next Gen 3-D Ultrasound

and 3-D Tomosynthesis (3-D Mammograms)
Require Radiation!

Automated 3D Ultrasound Imaging provided by Next Gen eliminates scanning errors present with a hand held or technician guided technology. Automation of the scan allows the test to be reproduced again with extremely high accuracy. Meaning follow-up Next Gen 3D Ultrasounds give a more precise history of the changes in the breast, and or progression of an abnormality be it cancerous or benign.

Patient Complaint
Lump In Right Lower Breast

Difficulty Seeing Lump on Mammogram

Lump (Cancerous) Clearly Visible in 3-D Image

Image of a Hitachi Sofia 3D Ultrasound Diagnostic Image

Example of a 3-D Ultrasound Image